About Pioneer Booster Club

What is the Booster Club's mission?

The Stillwater Pioneer Booster Club exists to provide support for Stillwater Public Schools athletic programs at Stillwater High School and Stillwater Junior High School. The Club provides support by:
1) Raising awareness about the athletic teams' events and needs
2) Raising funds for "durable goods" like training gear, equipment or uniforms for all sports.

How does the Booster Club help Pioneer Athletics?

During the 2018-2019 school year, Pioneer Booster Club provided the funding for the following items to each sport:

All Sports: Platinum & Gold Online Video Editing/Analysis Tools
Lady Pioneer Volleyball: New Warm-Up Jackets
Lady Pioneer Soccer: Socks, Nike Jerseys & Training Pants
SHS Cheer: Additional New Uniforms & Spirit Flags
Lady Pioneer Basketball: Travel Jackets & TableTop Scoreboard
Pom Squad: New Team Jackets
Lady Pioneer Softball: On Deck Circles, Hitting Mats, Equipment Bags & Hitting Tops
Boys Basketball: Travel Sweats & Jackets
Boys Soccer: New Uniforms – Jerseys & Shorts
Boys & Girls Golf: Golf bags, Gold Balls, Workout Gear & Rain Gear
Wrestling: Wrestling Facility Signage
Boys & Girls Tennis: New Warm-Ups
Baseball: Batting Helmets & New Uniforms for BOTH JV teams
Football: 3 Dell Laptops
Boys & Girls Track: Custom High Jump Top Pad, Equipment & New Uniforms
Boys & Girls Cross Country: Stopwatches, Team Uniforms, Shirts & Warm-Ups
Junior High: New Uniforms for Boys & Girls 7th, 8th & 9th grade Basketball Teams